Freebies for International Frozen Yogurt Day 2017 at Tutti Frutti

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Did you know that there are two frozen yogurt food holidays each year? There is National Frozen Yogurt Day in June, and then there is International Frozen Yogurt Day in February.

This latter holiday is happening on February 6. That’s the Monday after the Super Bowl. I wonder if frozen yogurt could be used as a hangover elixir?!

Here’s what I do know: there are handful of places you can go on International Frozen Yogurt Day 2017 and get free frozen yogurt.

Sure, it might be winter and a bit too cold to really appreciate frozen yogurt, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s always freebie season.

Tutti Frutti of Mt Airy is  giving away two freebies for International Frozen Yogurt Day Monday February 6th 2017. The first is a (buy one get one 50% off) frozen yogurt cup offer on Monday February 6, 2017. But wait, there’s more: as an added bonus, anyone visiting Tutti Frutti that day will receive a Special Deal coupon (while supplies last) to use on their next visit. Credit goes to :